Monthly Archives: August 2011

Nothing We’d Rather Do

There’s nothing we’d rather do in the summers than pack up everything and go down to the beach where we’ve got a house. I’m so glad we bought it almost 9 years ago now because we use it all the time and the kids have spent just about every summer down there and they practically grew up on the water. Last year we were away from home for almost a month and when we came back the worst thing had happened – someone had broken in and robbed us of all our electronics. It was devastating and I immediately went to www.home-alarm-systems.COM to get us all hooked up for next year’s trip which we’re just approaching now. I want to keep the kids safe since it’s my job and I feel better prepared to get us through the vacation this year with no incidents whatsoever! Just watch, though, just because I said that means something horrible’s going to happen like me breaking my leg or the airline losing our luggage or something!